New features of Windows 8 O.S.

Windows 8  is the most  expected O.S. now a days. Because windows 8 is going beta this month. Many new features are enhanced with windows 8. Some of the new features are discussed  here

1. Quicker boot time
The time taken by windows 8 OS merely 6 seconds. Under loaded conditions, it may take less than a minute to boot.
2.Portable Devices
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • SlatesSlates are the note book computers, which accepts inputs from an electronic pen rather than from a keyboard.
  • Phones
  • Regular x86 processors
  • SoS chips

3.Better protections against malwares
 Windows 8 offers better protections against malware with the help of new built in mechanism called “Secure Boot”
Another new technique called Smart screen from Internet Explorer has been powered with windows 8. This gives extended protection in checking the health of links (URL’s) up to the level of downloaded files.
4. Windows 8 & ARM Processor
Windows 8 can perform its work with ARM processors, Using windows 8  with ARM processors (Hand held devices) considerably increase battery life  and good processing speed.
And much more. .  This article will be updated soon  with more features
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